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Master-classes (annotations)

09.00 – 10.20

Education in the sphere of human rights

(Siarhej Salej, Natalliya Valchetskaya) Grodno Region Public Association of Young Scientists “VIT”

(Siarhej Burov) Local youth public organization M’ART (Youth AlteRnaTiv)

During the master-class demonstration and discussion of one of the exercises from Belarusian-language teacher educational edition in the sphere of human rights of Council of Europe “KOMPAS” are planned. Besides the participants will take part in the discussion about educational aims in the sphere of human rights and will get acquainted with the examples of educational programs about human rights in Belarus and the Ukraine.

Methods of generating ideas in the educational process

(Nadezhda Vladimirovna Karelina) “Qlisa”/ Belarus State Economic University Oratorical

The educator needs creative ideas on different stages of educational process: while creating educational methods, during the classes, at team-work with groups. The method of generating ideas will allow the educator to: get a definite number of ideas for further work; create the data of idea in limited time, without breaking the plan of lesson; master the offered methods for own aims; work out ideas of projects, advertising messages, unique offers in educational sphere and so on.

Methods of corporal-oriented therapy in work with children, teenagers and youth with health restrictions or threat of disability

(Anna Sergeevna Udod, Yulia Leonidovna Vlasova) Group of Volunteer Support “Open World. Volunteers. Gomel” (Gomel City Center of Correctional and Developing Training and Rehabilitation”

During the first 10 minutes of the master-class we are planning to discuss with the participants, what a specific nature of work with children, teenagers and youth with health restrictions and/or threat of disability is. The second stage will be the demonstration of physical exercises, including all the participants of the master-class. In conclusion we will discuss everything that was going on during the master-class.

How to act effectively in design sphere

(Nadezhda Bratishova) Art School “Nest Art”

We will study how to analyze psychological type of customer perception in order to cooperate effectively. These methods are effective in the sphere of design, where long-term work with customer is expected.

Financial and legal literacy for everyone: Clever way of raising a consumer loan

(Julia Khvatik) Juridical Clinic of Belarus State Economic University

Short  overview of the educational module creation.

The presentation of a part of online lesson “Consumer credit in the life of a person”

The discussion of the possibility to implement this course at schools, secondary and higher educational institutions and so on.

School of sustainable development – practice of formal and non-formal education taken together

(Saphiya Savelava, Sviatlana Davidouskaya) Partner Network of Sustainable Development Schools

The generalization of the experience of schools participants of partner network in the creation of conditions to provide educational practice for stable development in region. The development of mechanisms for formal and informal education combination in the activity of participants of partner network of Sustainable Development Schools.


10.30 – 11.50

Game session for seniors “Age needs actions”

(Irina Bogdan, Natalia Potapenko) Republican Public Organization “Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs”.  The aim is to form an ability of seniors, due to the retirement and giving up of their usual professional activity, to find a compromise between social adaptation – on the one hand, and self-realization – on the other hand. To give the participants of the master-class a possibility to understand the disadvantages of life of seniors, to formulate positive resources, to analyze, to forecast good future.

Active evaluation as a new strategy of adult education

(Alena Radzevich, Sviatlana Dziubenka, Tamara Mackevich) State Educational Institution “Academy of Postdiploma Education”

The participants will get acquainted with a new technology of evaluation, which stimulates evaluating independence on the base of effective feed back; will study strategies of goal-setting, feedback algorithm and setting of key questions in the process of adult education.

Modern etiquette

(Evgeniya Gennadievna Sakharova, Aleksej Vitalievich Chebotarenko, Vsevolod Nikolaevich Sergeev) Agency of Good Manners

The presentation of moderators – rules, norms and requirements of modern social and business etiquette, speech etiquette, table etiquette;  training of participants: workout of behavior skills in different etiquette and not etiquette situations.

Family history

(Volha Dziamidava) International Public Association “Education Without Borders”

Master-class for those who seek for inspiration and knowledge to deal with family archives. What can one find in the history of the family? What and how should one collect, keep and show? How can one hold an interview for the family archive? How is it possible to make granny’s photo albums understandable for grandchildren? The story about my inspiration and results.

Human rights genesis through a game

(Valeriya Savchenkova, Anastasia Zhavrid) National Human Rights Public Association “Belarusian Helsinki Committee”

The participants will be offered a fairytail, after that they will work in groups and will evaluate the situation in this fairytail. Then the reflection in several stages will be carried out.

How to create a game

(Alena Velichko, Tatsiana Smolyak) Public association “Educational center “POST”

Master-class “How to create a game” is aimed at those who are interested in creation of educational role games. The participants will come through all stages of role game creation. And, perhaps, the result of the master-class will be an interesting game.

12.00 – 13.20

Programs of informal education ROO “BelAYU”: how to make a right choice

(Dmitry Subcelny, Vitaly Nikonovich) ROO “Belarusian Association of clubs Unesco”

  1. Social interns – analysis of modern youth needs, the presentation of information, how needs of young people are realized on labor market, help for young people to get professional experience for further successful employment.
  2. Study on weekend – basis of effective management of non-commercial organization (directions of professional education development, possibilities to study)
  3. Bridge through the generations – study of current aspects for increasing of life quality of seniors.
  4. School of training skills –basis of work of a trainer with young group in the context of non-commercial organization (his competence, usage of different educational methods, skills of working with a group).

Role of non-formal and self-education in strengthening the efficiency of organizations

(Valentina Mikhajlovna Stalygo) Sole Proprietor V. M. Stalygo

The master-class will show basic methods and ways of usage of new possibilities in self-education, how knowledge and skills influence the result, what the reason is for the fact that often people have much knowledge and skills but they do less. It will answer the question what one should pay attention to in the process of informal education and self-education to get the maximum effect and how to use one’s knowledge to place it on a new level – level of practical acting and getting real results.

Tribal – female power dance

(Polina Yankovskaya) School of Tribal “FUSION”

The concept of tribal-culture. Tribal is both: a dance and state of mind. Every girl will find herself in this dance, as it is free from stereotypes, it is very many-sided.

We will deal with the basic movements from the top of head to tiptoes, different styles of tribal-fusion.

What for do we need to brand the history and culture?

(Aliaksej Chubat) Homeland Exploration (Branding of Belarus)

To show the importance of work with non-material assets, such as brand, for cultural and economical transformations in our country.

Liberalism for dummies

(Anton Boltochko) Public Association “Discussion and analytical community “Liberal club”

Many people can talk about liberalism, but we will build it within half-and-hour master-class in our room. From fundamental principles to the highest values without state standards and construction norms and rules. Join us!

Creating a book of your own is easy!

(Marina Vladimirovna Klinova) Sourcefabric

Using online platform Booktype we will create the community of participants to write common book with parts and  chapters. Each participant will have a role – from administrator to user. Participants will be able to train in writing material, its formatting, adding pictures in online mode of simultaneous work of all the users. During the work users will exchange messages, discuss results of creation.

Master-class-excursion “Bird watching for all generations”

(Ruslan Shaikin, seniors – participants of the project “Birds all ages yield surrender

Public organization “Ahova ptushak Batkaushchiny”

During the master-class “Birdwatching for all generations” everyone will get acquainted with the basis of birdwatching and will be able to learn much helpful information about the types of birds which live in towns in winter and the help the birds need in winter.


14.00 – 15.20

Organizing youth local history research expeditions

(Igor Zhitin) UNESCO Club “Poshuk”

Master-class has summarized the experience of carrying out the activities within the project “Piligrim”. We will deal with the questions of team building, preparing and carrying out of youth expeditions, excursions and regional historical work.

Usage of competence approach in education 

(Elena Valerievna Lokteva) Educational Center of the High Tech Park

The participants of master-class will learn:

–  What are the models of competence and how are they developed;

–  How can one adapt educational programs with the use of competence models;

–  How can one evaluate competences on the different stages of educational program;

–  Which ways of competence development can be used during the educating of specialists.

Acting technique for life and stage

(Elena Molchan, Aleksandra Legenkaya) Limited Liability Company “Film Company “OBRAZ”

There are few professions and social roles where acting skills don’t bring advantages.

Our master-class is devoted to developing acting techniques and skills, thanks to which the participants will reach creative state.

Development of personal attitudes and style life as result of childhood memories

(Vasiliy Pron) Trainer Center “Kvadratny apelsin”

On the master-class we will deal with the examples of interdependence between life style of adults and their childhood memories. We will get acquainted with the methods of work with childhood memories as with the possibility to realize one’s private attitudes.

How to start successful business in Belarus for young entrepreneur

(Maksim Garmash) “European Youth Enterprise Initiative”

The aim of the master-class is to help a young citizen of Belarus to start a successful business.

Talaka-game, as simulation of the way to organize society to deal with common problems

(Yan Ageenko, Evgeny Klishevich) is a non-commercial crowdsorting platform. It helps active people in Belarus to realize projects, important for the society. The main mechanism is cooperation and coordination of all those who are interested. The participants of Talaka-game will come through all the stages of self-organization from understanding of  common problems to the search of certain solving projects in a form of game.

Making a Christmas card using scrapbooking technique

(Nadezhda Alekhina) Educational and Consulting Institution “Center of Effective Communication “Feedback”. For those who want to abstract from daily routine, we offer to enter a bright world of scrapbooking, where you will have an opportunity to reveal your creative potential, to have a rest and to enjoy a process of making a card with your own hands.

The holidays are coming , so we can please the relatives with the card, made by ourselves and thus to express our feelings.

15.30 – 16.50

The world of game

(Anton Teterukov, Aleksandr Askerko) UNESCO Club “Druzhba”

The participants will get acquainted with different kinds of games, developing the skills of positive communication.

Overview of interactive methods of teaching in different projects of Belarus Red Cross Society

(O. A. Kuzeeva, E. V. Leleka) Belarus Red Cross Society

The presentation of the system of voluntary management and educating program for leadership, exercises for uniting the group, demonstration of interactive lesson of cough etiquette and washing hands, demonstration of interactive lesson about decreasing of stigma towards vulnerable society groups (HIV positive, TBC patients), demonstration of interactive lesson about the right choice of contraceptive, demonstration of interactive lesson about first-aid treatment (dislocated leg) in field conditions, demonstration of the way of recruitment people for human trafficking.

Oratorical skill: teaching to acquire habits, not knowledge!

(Viktor Nikolajchuk) Oratorical Art Studio

How can one learn rhetoric? In books and lections – impossible. A good public speaker is like a good swimmer – when you are in water, you should have an aim and swim. And if during the public speaking you think how to gesture, where to look (as for a swimmer – how and where to swim!) – you have failed the performance. You can only train rhetoric!

Learning how to draw

(Kalinovskaya Anna Vasilievna) Resource Center Library №10 Project “TOLLAS”

To show in practice that every person at any age can draw regardless of the talent.

Humor in political art

(Nastassiya Dol) Uniting Belarusian Students

The master-class will contain the presentation “Humour in political art”, positive examples of humour usage in solving social problems. During the master-class such exercises as presentation, brainstorming, group work will be used.

Autumn – time for harvesting the products of hard work

(Svetlana Konovalova) Minsk State Educational Institution “Center of Additional Education of Children and Youth “Victoria”.  Developing lesson in mixed-aged groups with a help of health creative technologies for people from 0 and older. The development of mental processing, memory, speech, increase of mental and somatic stability level, speed learning of different sciences in the form of creativity for children, parents and teachers

Making a bottle out of newspaper tubes. Making flowers from organza and satin ribbons.

(Vera Vasilievna Lavrova, Maria Ivanovna Dorolej) Kobrin Resource Center

The participants will learn to prepare work material from newspapers, stick them together and lace them in different ways. Also they will learn to make preparations from materials, burn, stick them together and then lace them.

17.00 – 18.20

Making souvenir wedding chests

(Milana Moroz) State Institution “Kopyl Local History Museum”

We will cut out the parts of leather, connect them, making a necessary form and shape, and then decorate it. We have chosen making souvenir wedding chests on purpose. Every girl had a chest, where she kept private things that comprised her marriage portion. The chest had a place of honor in the house. The function of keeping things had sacral sense. In the wedding it performed as a symbol of diligence and wealth of fianc?e.

Presenting the technique of psychodrama

(Larisa Dolgolevich, Tamara Vashkevich, Ekaterina Yasiukevich, Marina Skabej, Natasha Solovieva, Svetlana Lupach) Religion Mission “Catholic Charitable Union Caritas” of Minsk-Mogilev Archdiocese of Roman Catholic Church in the Republic of Belarus

The participants will get acquainted with the technique of psychodrama with a help of PLAY BACK-theater, its possibilities, stress relief.

Creative activity as a tool of self- fulfillment of senior people

(Nonna Ovcharova) State Institution “Territorial Center for Social Services of Leninskiy Region of the City of Brest”

  1. Acquaintance with peculiarities of folk dolls-talismans (styles, materials, rites, popularity);
  2. The participants of the master-class will get an opportunity to learn the technique of creating a doll-talisman “For health” with a help of visual demonstration and practical recommendations.
  3. The discussion of results and transfer of voluntary work experience within educating mini-project “The alphabet of creativity” (the project “TOLLAS – towards active society at any age”).


PRo100 – A hundred ideas for public relations

(Lana Rudnik, Vitaut Rudnik) Non-governmental Organization «Centre for Informational Support of Public initiatives «The Third Sector»

The participants of the master-class will get acquainted with various internet-services and applications, which can be used to expand access to target audience and to form their loyal attitude. All the tools, which will be offered during the master-class, are free and easy to use. We will demonstrate real example of using these tools by the members of Non-governmental Organization «Centre for Informational Support of Public initiatives «The Third Sector». The participants will get the list of offered tools with references to appropriate internet-sources.

Law education for prisoners through interactive methods

(Kristina Shustova, Anna Pavliuk) Educational Clinic “Living law”

The master-class will be based on interactive techniques, showing the peculiarity of work in this sphere.

Talk-show “The Holocaust: past or present”

(Svetlana Berger) The project “In search of Yiddish”

Holocaust is unprecedented phenomenon not only in the history of the 20th century, but also in the history of the mankind. It was the first example of planned systematic genocide, which had the aim of destroying the nation. Holocaust has deeply changed the world history. Why could it be possible? Is there a possibility of something like this now? Cooperative search for eternal questions.

Poker – a new form of perceiving the reality

(Elena Novikova) Public Association “Belarusian Federation of poker”

With a help of poker we want to show the possibility to cooperate in group, each member of which has his/her own aim, contradicting other members’ aims.


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