The magazine “Educator”

The magazine “Educator” is issued by a partnership network of not-for-profit organizations in Belarus that are engaged in civic education. The magazine is for educators who are involved with education, learning, and enlightenment activities within the framework of a non-formal education. This magazine has become relevant and useful for all educators who build their curricula on the principles of democracy and pluralism, and try in the educational process not to “give knowledge”, but rather to develop the ability to think independently, and to nurture social competencies.

Each year it is becoming more obvious that education in its current meaning does not have age limits.

Today when the world around us is constantly changing, in order to stay current and productive in our lives, we need to continue to learn. Some important examples of continued education are:

  • studying the foreign languages required by our new global economy;
  • achieving new skills by driving a car to enhance business and pleasure;
  • aiding the ability to think critically to better analyze new opportunities,
  • honing clear and efficient communication skills in order to convey new ideas and reaffirm the best of the old ones,
  • augmenting computer skills needed for this ever expanding digital age;
  • mastering new and different machinery or equipment to enhance our careers.

This list can be very much expanded. Educational needs are both in the professional field and in everyday life. Non-formal education does its best to meet these needs as it is presented by the various commercial and not-for-profit establishments, organizations, associations, etc.

In Belarus non-formal education takes just its first steps. Many approaches are not yet clearly defined and shaped (content, forms, legal terms, possible perspectives of development in interaction with formal system of education). Therefore from the very beginning the magazine “Educator” was considered as a specific site for summarizing and analyzing each experience, for presenting new ideas and also for communication. Essentially it is a forum to establish the principles of agreement upon different points of view on issues in non-formal education. The articles of practical and theoretical character on non-formal education are published on the pages of the magazine, including topics related to culture, gender, ecology, business-education, among others. These materials thoroughly examine projects and programmes that are under implementation by public associations, and present analysis of valid activity branches, exact recommendations on usage of educational techniques, reviews of literature and internet-sites on educational subjects.

Dear friends! Unfortunately we could not translate and offer you all of the materials that were published in “Educator”. We did our best to present you articles on different subjects, directions, problems and written in different style. We hope that this will let you to get an idea about what is taking place in non-formal education in Belarus.

We still are sure that interest and usefulness of the magazine depends not just on trials of the editorial board, but on the activity of you, our audience and possible authors, including those from abroad. So dear readers, don’t file away your thoughts and experiences, come share them with us. Start associating with “Educator”! We hope that this is a good chance to find not just interesting, professional company, but new partners. We will be grateful for your feedback on materials of the digest.

Especially I would like to thank those who made this issue possible: colleagues in the editorial board and partner network of not-for-profit organizations which are engaged in civic education, to articles’ authors, to foreign partners from Institut fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit des Deutschen Volkshochschul-Verbandes e.V (IIZ/DW) (Germany) and Studief?rbundet Vuxenskolan (Sweden).


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