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Non-formal education for the society benefit.

The fifth non-formal education Festival was in Minsk International Educational Centre named by Johannes Rau on 5-6 December 2014.

 Demonstration of the role and abilities of non-formal education for the society benefit has become the main goal of the fifth anniversary non-formal education Festival.

The festival was organized: The Association of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment, the Belarusian-German joint venture «Minsk International Education Centre named by Johannes Rau» and the Representation of the registered community «DeutscherVolkshochschul-Verband eV»(The Federal Republic of Germany) in the Republic ofBelarus.

Over 250 people from Belarus, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Israel, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova and Uzbekistan, representing more than 60 public, commercial and government education organizations and institutions, has participated in the festival.

The panel discussion “Non-formal education for the society benefit: Key Trends and Perspectives” was held on the first festival day. Belarusian and foreign experts, in particular the Vice-Rector of The Academic Affairs GEE “Academy of Postgraduate Education” Irina Dziuba, director of the non-formal education Israel institute Dima Zicer, Executive Director of the Land Association “Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania «Arbbeit und Leben»” Heike Doyle, attended it.

Trends in the non-formal education development, the definition of its role and importance in the education system as a whole have become the central topic in allfestival discussions. Thus, the chairman of The Association of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment Dmitry Karpievich said: “It’s fundamentally important to have varied and complete system, both in formal and non-formal education as it will provide the existence of adequate education system that corresponds to current needs and challenges of society in the country”. In turn, the Vice-Rector of The Academic Affairs GEE “Academy of Postgraduate Education” Irina Dziubapaid attention to the fact that “it is not necessary to oppose formal and informal education. Actually, there are educational institutions whose activities are regulated by state laws and which are financed from the state budget. They work according to programs developed for them. But it’s necessary the cooperation among all education sectors and education providers to achieve the modern necessary standards which any civilized country needs in, to achieve the definite state and social objectives for society development”- she said.

Also Thematic sections were held on 5 December. They were devoted to current issues of non-formal education development such as the memory culture in non-formal education, NFE contribution to sustainable development, cooperation of non-formal education and media providers, NFE program standards and others. The most interesting and active discussion among the Festival participants has been caused by section “The role of non-formal education in the education system and society”, in which the issues such as the interaction of formal and non-formal education, the contribution of non-formal education reform, modernization and development of education, increasing the participation of non-formal education providers in the development and implementation of education policy were raised.

The second festival day traditionally has become more “interactive”. Festival participants visited about 60 workshops and presentations. Everyone could learn about different therapy methods and their opportunities, about Nordic walking, dreaming and making greeting on by own, as well participants could see how dad can act as the organizer of alternative education in the family, and more.

As a result it was hard to joinNGO “MOC” Fialta’sworkshops on creativity, workshop on family constellations “Step into the fullness of life” prepared by development studio “eduStory” and self-presentation in the text of the project “Life Skills” because of the great number of stakeholders.

There was aninteresting round table discussion ofthe project “about public benefit activity”, which was organized by MPOO “ACT” on the same day.

There was an exhibition of the festival organizations and non-formal education training programs, which were available for all visitors of the Festival, during two amazing days.

A resolution was accepted as the Festivalresults.It defines the major trends and current issues in the non-formal education development. For example, there are no preferences and tax incentives for organizations working in the NFE field in Belarus, also underdeveloped institutional infrastructure for providing access to educational services of the public, especially in small regions of the country. As well there were the followingproposals for in the resolution among the Festival participants: increasing the availability of NFE services for different categories of citizens, including people with disabilities; providing development non-formal education services in the regions, especially in villages and towns; continuing the discussion on the draft law “On public benefit activities”; the creation The Public Council as a department of the Ministry of Education in additional education sphere with the participation of the interested public, business and government, and others. The full text of the resolution will be placed in the public domain for everyone.

A two-day forum has been completed with summarizing and rewarding the winners for the best event in the non-formal education field in Belarus. The winners were determined by an expert jury and internet users, who could vote for yourselves favorite event from 24 November to 5 December on the site “”. The winners received certificates and gifts from the Festival partner.

You can find the outcomes of the Festival and other materials (photos, videos, articles) in the Facebookgroup of the Festival:, as well as online

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