You Are Here: 2006 » Resolution of Non-Formal Education Festival (15-17 September 2006, Minsk)

We the participants of Non-Formal Education Festival declare that non-formal education for youth and adults is one of the most important resources that are necessary for development of both personality and society and is a key factor of raising human potential and integration of the Republic of Belarus into European educational space.

In A Memorandum on Lifelong Learning of The European Commission (2000) it is underlined that non-formal education is equitable part of lifelong educational process. Starting from the second half of the twentieth century there is an active search for the ways of renewing systems of education which provide transferring from the principle “education for the whole life” to the principle “education through the whole life”. Actual aim of educational policy nowadays is providing conditions that let people learn through the whole life, get modern general and professional knowledge and in that way realize individual educational strategy and provide solving actual problems of actual society.

Thereupon we consider that non-formal education as integral component of national system of education can and should become the core of sustainable development and humanization of social life.

At the same time we have to state that potential opportunities of non-formal education are not completely realized and used during planning and implementing social-political and economic reforms in the Republic of Belarus. Underestimation of their roles as well as insufficiently developed legislation has lead to the situation when non-formal education in Belarus hasn’t taken adequate place in the life of society.

We are sure that

  • Non-formal education is comparatively autonomous social-cultural phenomenon, have its own direction of development that is tightly connected with all social institutes and provides significant influence to other spheres (economy, politics, science, legislation, ideology, morality etc.);
  • Non-formal education can become an ideal arena for approbation of new approaches and technologies during reorganizing national education space.

Being aware that cultural and educational potential of citizens today determines temps, forms, specifics and results of social evolution;

Basing on the statement that National Strategy of Sustainable Social-Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus till year 2020 defines the task of democratization of education with the aim to develop creative features of personality as well as its abilities to act and decide independently, to perfect professional competencies;

Taking into consideration that Council of Governments’ leaders of CIS countries on May 25th 2006 approved the Conception of Development of Adult Education in CIS states;

We suggest

A) To organizations of all types of property that work in the field of non-formal education of adults and youth – to make the following practical actions:

  • Organizing a process of discussing, concordance and working out common approaches to development of adult and youth education in Belarus.
  • Creating special Working Group for coordination of activity of organizations of non-formal and adult education and building dialogue with all interested sides.

B) To legislative and executive institutions of Belarus – to fulfill in practice following steps:

  • Starting the process of establishing public-state organ that should provide taking into account interests of all organizations working in adult education with next creating cross-sector Public Committee on national education at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus with participation of various interested public associations, business and state structures.
  • Initiating development of necessary program and legislative documents in the field of adult and youth education with obligatory participation of and consultations with representatives of interested public associations and educational institutions.
  • Starting public debates on developing program and regulatory documents, concerning adult and youth education.
  • Holding in year 2007 international conference of CIS countries on adult education.

As the main principles to base program and regulatory document on, we state

  • Right of everybody on lifelong formal and non-formal education at any age.
  • Adopting as a general principle of national education system development the pluralism of concepts, founders and forms of educational activities.
  • Accepting public value of adult education and non-formal education and strengthening the guaranties of its development through providing budget financing, financial support to participation in non-formal and adult education of various social groups, tax privileges for non-formal education institutions etc.
  • Providing state support to the scientific research of adult and non-formal education, supporting developing of personnel training for this education sphere.

We the participants of the Festival are sure that non-formal adult education in combination with other elements of national system of education can and should make great input into providing educational and cultural development of citizens, sovereignty and dignity of nation, human rights and freedoms in the Republic of Belarus and also provide transition to sustainable development.

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