Puplic Association “Center for Social Innovations”

PA “Center for Social Innovations” has been established in 1996, registered by the department of Justice of Minsk City Executive Committee 22 of January 1997, re-registered 03.02.2010,  register No №05/0489.

Its mission was announced as “promoting the development of both free, creative, sociable people and human communities, which being built on co-operation and mutual respect will become the “incubators” for democratic culture”.

The concept of the CSI’s activity is based on the following idea. All changes in society could be implemented in three different ways: evolutional way of natural changes, revolution transformations or an innovative way when the elements of the future are implanted into the situation of the past and then they get into the natural consequence of events, evolve and replace by themselves things which should be left in the past. This mechanism we choose as the main one in our activity.

At the beginning we assumed that innovations will come from successful foreign (west) experience and can be implemented through successful projects; these projects will become positive and attractive cases, they will facilitate extension and sustainability of changes in society. But we found soon that one cannot just take the foreign experience and implement it here, it must be adapted to local conditions, and that success stories not necessarily create background for wide extension and adoption by the target group.

Finally, the problem of sustainability of innovations exists, when (there are pleasant exclusions, of course) after the project end the innovation was not implanted; it existed until the target financing existed, and disappeared after the end of the project influence. And the system-and-thinking activity approach provided us the tools for projecting and implementing sustainable social innovations (necessary in the particular situation), and than to monitor their implantation. This created background for close cooperation of CSI with the Agency for Humanitarian Technologies as a think tank and analytical centre.

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